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December 2015

Kowloon City Model Security Guard Award 2015
Organizer: District Fight Crime Committee (Kowloon City District) 

Sky Tower, Laguna Verde, Peninsula Heights,

Harbour Centre Tower 1, Summit Building

(Total: 12 Security Guards) 

Model Security Guard Award 

Hong Kong Island Best Security Services Awards 2014-2015
Organizer : Regional Crime Prevention Office of Hong Kong Island

CASA 880, Connaught Garden,
The Legend at Jardine’ s Lookout, No.1 Star Street
Outstanding Residential Property Management Award
Prosperity Millennia Plaza Outstanding Commercial Property Management Award
CASA 880, The Legend at Jardine’ s Lookout
(Total: 2 Security Guards)
The Best Security Personnel Award
The Legend at Jardine’ s Lookout,
No.1 Star Street (Total: 2 Security guards)
The Outstanding Security Personnel Award

November 2015

Excellence In Facility Management Award 2015

Organizer : The Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management

Metro Town Shopping Mall
Excellence In Facility Management Award (Retail)
Certificate of Merit (Medium Residential)

HSBC Living Business Awards 2015
Organizer: HSBC

Fortune City One, Hampton Loft Community Engagement Award - Certificate of Merit

Metro Town Shopping Mall, Ma On Shan Plaza,

Fortune City One, Laguna Verde

Green Achievement Award - Certificate of Merit
Fortune City One, Metro Town Shopping Mall,
Jubilee Square
People Caring Award - Certificate of Merit

November 2015

Energy Saving Partner Award 2015
Organizer : World Green Organization

Goodwell Property Management Limited Energy Saving Partner Award

New Territories South Region Best Security Personnel Awards 2014-2015
Organizer : New Territories South Headquarters Regional Crime Prevention Office

Fortune City One, Jubilee Garden Best Partner Awards
Jubilee Garden (6 Security guards), Bayshore Tower, Fortune City One,
Ma On Shan Plaza, Rosary Villas, Sausalito, Vista Paradiso
(Total:12 security guards)
Outstanding Security Personnel
Bayshore Tower(2 Security guards), Fortune City One(2 Security guards),
Oceanaire(2 Security guards), Jubilee Square, Ma On Shan Plaza,
Jubilee Garden, Sausalito(2 Security guards), Vista Paradiso, Kwai Cheong Centre, The APEX (3 security Guards)
(Total:16 security guards)
Quality Security Personnel

October 2015

Kowloon East Best Security Service Awards 2014-2015
Organizer : Kowloon East Headquarters Regional Crime Prevention Office

Metro Town Shopping Mall, Sceneway Garden Best Partner Award
Yue Man Centre, Hong Shui Court, Prosperity Place, The Portofino
Outstanding Partner Award
Metro Town Shopping Mall(5 Security guards), Sceneway Garden
(Total: 6 Security Guards)
Best Security Award 
Metro Town Shopping Mall(4 Security guards),
Sceneway Garden(4 Security guards),
Yue Man Centre(2 Security guards), Hong Shui Court(2 Security guards),
Prosperity Place, The Portofino
(Total: 14 Security Guards)
Outstanding Security Award

September 2015

GreenPlus Recognition Award 2015
Organizer: CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Laguna Verde Bronze Award (the Residential Category)

August 2015

14th Sha Tin District Quality Building Management Competition
Organizer: Sha Tin District Council

Vista Paradiso 1st Runner-up(Private Housing)
Oceanaire Merit Award(Private Housing)
Bayshore Tower, Vista Paradiso Prevention and control measures of common areas - Excellence Award

July 2015

Workplace Hygiene Charter
Organizer : Occupational Safety & Health Council

Goodwell Property Management Limited, Ma On Shan Plaza,
Jubilee Square,Hampton Loft, Hampton Place, Fortune City One,
Metro Town Shopping Mall, Kwai Cheong Centre, Hong Shui Court,
Laguna Verde, The Laguna Mall, The Victoria Towers,
The Victoria Mall, Sceneway Garden, Bayshore Towers,
The Paramount, Reve Plaza, Po Hong Mansion,
Hampton Place, The Legend at Jardine’s Lookout


May 2015

Kowloon West Best Security Services Awards 2014
Organizer : Kowloon West Regional Crime Prevention Office

Laguna Verde, The Laguna Mall, Homan Villa, Peninsula Heights,
Conic Investment Building and Harbour Centre Tower 1

Honourable Managed Property
Trendy Centre and The Victoria Towers Five-Star Managed Property
Focal Industrial Centre
Four-Star Managed Property
Sky Tower, Celestial Heights, Meridian Hill
The Victoria Mall, The Metropolis Tower and Summit Building

Outstanding Managed Property
Le Chateau
Best Managed Property
Villa Verde Laguna Verde, Summit Building,
The Victoria Mall, Focal Industrial Centre, Celestial Heights,
Sky Tower and Harbour Centre Tower 1
Outstanding Managed Public Carpark
Homan Villa
Best Security Guard

Laguna Verde, Sky Tower, Celestial Heights, Le Chateau,
The Victoria Towers, Harbour Centre Tower 1 and 

Summit Building (Total: 8 security guards)

Merit Security Guard

Indoor Air Quality Certificate Award Ceremony
Organizer: Indoor Air Quality Information Centre

The Apex, The Metropolis Tower, Fortune City One,
Trendy Centre, The Legend at Jardine’s Lookout,
Princeton Tower, Bayshore Towers, Laguna Verde,
The Paramount, Sky Tower, Fortune City One Plus,
Sceneway Garden, The Victoria Towers, The Portofino,
Prosperity Place, Prosperity Millennia Plaza,
Metro Town Shopping Mall, New Treasure Centre,
Ma On Shan Plaza, Sausalito

Good Class of Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme 2014

New Territories North Regional Best Security Guard Awards 2014
Organizer: New Territories North Regional Crime Prevention Office

DeerHilll Bay & The Paramount
Total: (8 security guards)

Award of Merit

April 2015

Wood Recycling & Tree Conservation Scheme
Organizer: Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association

Goodwell Property Management Limited, Peninsula Heights,
New Treasure Centre, Laguna Verde, 9 Chong Yip Street
Prosperity Millennia Plaza, The Legend at Jardine’ s Lookout,
Trendy Centre, Hong Shui Court, DeerHill Bay,
Fortune City One, Harbour Centre Tower 1,
Vista Paradiso, Summit Building, One West Kowloon,
Ma On Shan Plaza, Jubilee Square,Metro Town Shopping Mall 
The Paramount, The Laguna Mall

March 2015

2014 Security Services Best Training Award
Organizer: Vocational Training Council and Crime Prevention Bureau Hong Kong Police Force

Goodwell Property Management Limited

Silver Award of  Type 1 Security Companies

Caring Company 2014/15
Organizer : The Hong Kong Council of Social Services

Goodwell Property Management Limited Caring Company 2002/15 Caring Company “10 Years Plus” Logo
Laguna Verde
Sceneway Garden
Vista Paradiso
Bayshore Towers
DeerHill Bay
The Paramount
The Portofino
Fotune City One Plus
Jubilee Square
Ma On Shan Plaza
Metro Town Shopping Mall
Hampton Loft
Fotune City One Plus
Caring Company 2007/15

Caring Company 2011/15
Caring Company “5 Years Plus” Logo
Sky Tower
Victoria Towers
The Legend at Jardine's Lookout
Caring Company 2013/15

Caring Company 2014/15
Caring Company “1-4 Years” Logo

Best Property Safety Management Award 2014/15

Organizer : Occupational Safety Health Council

Sceneway Garden
Bronze Award in the "Best Property Management Award in Occupational Safety and Health"
Laguna Verde
Bronze Award in the "Best Safety Enhancement Program for Working at Height"

February 2015

13th Sha Tin District Quality Building Management Competition
Organizer: Sha Tin District Council

Oceanaire 2nd Runner-up(Private Housing)
Bayshore Towers Merit Award(Private Housing)

January 2015

Kowloon City Quality Building Management Competition and the Best Environmental Hygiene Building

Organizer: Kowloon City District Office

Laguna Verde

Category B- The Estate Built in 1985-1999


2)The “Best Environmental Hygiene Building Award

Kowloon City Model Security Guard Award 2014
Organizer: District Fight Crime Committee (Kowloon City District) 

Laguna Verde, Celestial Heights, Sky Tower, Harbour Centre Tower I 

and Summit Building

Model Security Guard Award 

2014-2015 Kwun Tong District Private Housing Greening and Cleaning Competition
Organizer: Environment and Hygiene Committee of Kwun Tong District Council

Sceneway Garden Champion(Private Housing)
Yue Man Centre 1st Runner-up(Private Housing)
Hong Shui Court Active Participation Award(Private Housing)