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Green Home
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Green Home


We can start protecting the environment with a change in our daily life. Here are some household tips for us to go green:

  • Use less paper;
  • Encourage children to keep their old exercise books for paper recycling;
  • Use blank sides of used paper to make note pads;
  • Cut down on the use of gift-wrapping paper;
  • Use handkerchiefs rather than paper napkins;
  • Send any unwanted toys and clothing to charity groups or the needy instead of throwing them away;
  • Use fewer plastic bags, which take years to be decomposed, and more durable shopping bags or baskets;
  • Use reusable dishes and utensils in fast food shops;
  • Bring your own mugs to office and avoid using paper cups;
  • Minimize the number of document copies;
  • Reuse envelopes;
  • Use pencils rather than ball pens for drafting;
  • Return extra coat hangers to cleaners;
  • Purchase apparel only when necessary;
  • Separate waste paper at home and in office for paper recycling;
  • Recycle all metals, e.g. aluminium cans, metal containers and mixed metals;
  • Recycle all plastics, e.g. plastic bottles, plastic bags and CDs;
  • Take part in environment-protecting campaigns, e.g. Source Separation of Domestic Waste, Promotion Programme on Source Separation of Waste, Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment Recycling Programme, used clothes and used books recycling campaigns, initiated by the government and different organizations.

Source: Environmental Protection Department. For details, please visit