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Staff Activities
Volunteer Services
Environmental Efforts
Occupational Safety and Health Activities

Social Responsibility

Staff Level :

As an equal opportunity employer, Goodwell employs over 2,300 employees, comprising people with disabilities in many of its managed properties. We uphold the principles of "Employing both the healthy and handicapped" and "Using the right personnel". Goodwell organizes various training programmes to its staff, e.g. occupational health and safety, first-aid, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), mandatory safety, fire safety ambassador, 5S workplace, customer service, etc.

To foster team spirit, Goodwell organizes regular staff activities such as outing, singing contest, environmental photography competition and badminton tournament. Goodwell has lined up with a professional organization to provide external counseling services in order to help employees handle mental and physical health issues and help them address a variety of work-related and other concerns.

In order to promote the message of occupational safety and health to all staff, Goodwell has specially organized an Occupational Safety and Health Ambassador Programme. All properties have their own representatives to help pass the occupational safety and health messages to all levels of staff.

Goodwell has been actively participating in volunteer services for years. In 1997, Goodwell Volunteer Team was established as a channel for our staff to take part in community services. The Team works with different charity groups, e.g. Hong Chi Association, Tung Wah Hospitals Group, St. James’ Settlement and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, etc., in organizing various community service programmes for those in need. Due to the enthusiasm of staff, Goodwell has received a Gold Award for Volunteer Service by Volunteer Movement, a scheme initiated by the Social Welfare Department for several years. On top of that, Goodwell has also participated in plentiful public charitable and environmental protection events such as “Walk for Millions”, “Dress Casual Day”, old books collection programmes organized by the Community Chest and World Vision respectively

Company Level :

Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)

Goodwell always puts occupational safety and health on top priority. In order to develop an all-round OSH management system, Goodwell has signed up the Workplace Hygiene Charter and set up a series of safety targets to ensure the safety and health at work of all staff. Through the years, Goodwell has received a number of awards in recognition of its efforts in promoting OSH, which include "The Best Property Management Company in OSH - Gold Award" and "The Best Performance Award - Gold Award", "Good Housekeeping - Bronze Award" and "The Best Presentation Award - Bronze Award" by the Occupational Safety and Health Council.

Job Opportunities
Goodwell participates in different programmes, such as the Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme and Re-employment Training Programme organized by the Labour Department so as to provide job opportunities to different levels of people.

Social Services
The Head Office of Goodwell and its managed properties have established volunteer teams which partner with many NGOs, e.g. Hong Chi Association, Tung Wah Group, St. James’ Settlement and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association to provide a wide range of volunteer services to the people in need. Goodwell has been named the "Caring Company" for 10 consecutive years and its "Goodwell Volunteer Team" has also received the "Award for Volunteer Service - Gold Award" by the Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service for many years in recognition of its support and care for the community as well as its employees for several years.

The volunteer team of Bayshore Towers managed by Goodwell has been awarded the "Leading Caring Estate" and "The Highest Service Hours Award (Category 2) - Champion" for several consecutive years. Also, Laguna Verde, Sceneway Garden and Vista Paradiso have received the "Leading Caring Estate Logo" and “Caring Estate Logo”.

Major Partnering Organization

Environmental Efforts
Goodwell always takes an active role towards environmental protection and has participated in various kinds of activities over the years, including :

  1. Carbon Audit
  2. Goodwell takes the initiative to encourage and support its managed properties to conduct carbon audit and improve their GHG emission performance in accordance with the recommendations arising from the audit. Currently, there are totally 46 properties participating in the “Carbon Audit”.
  3. Action Blue Sky
  4. In response to the Action Blue Sky Programme, Goodwell has signed up the "Energy Conservation Charter 2006 - Suitable Room Temperature". The room temperature has been kept at 25.5ºC and this policy helps to promote the message of energy saving to all staff.
  5. Environmental Awards
  6. Goodwell was awarded the first term of Green Office Management Award Gold Award and Green Purchaswi$e Award Bronze Award in December 2010, organized by Green Council. Also several of its managed properties in earlier years have attained outstanding achievement in this respect. For example, Vista Paradiso has received the Gold Award in the Hong Kong Eco-Business Award and Bronze Award in the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence organized by the Environmental Protection Department; Laguna Verde and Deerhill Bay have been honoured with the Certificate of Merit in the same award.
  7. Greenery and Landscape
  8. Goodwell has put great effort in the upkeep of landscape at all managed properties and beautiful greenery is always seen throughout the year. Goodwell has received many awards in recognition of its effort in maintenance of landscape. Sceneway Garden and DeerHill Bay have been awarded a Gold Award for "Horticultural Maintenance Award" organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department for several consecutive terms.
  9. Energy Saving Measures
  10. Goodwell has set up an Energy Saving Team, which is committed to developing measures and monitoring energy conservation programmes for all its managed properties. Such energy saving measures include installation of solar light tiles and light sensors, LED "EXIT" signs and replacement of the traditional bulbs with energy-saving bulbs, aiming at reducing environmental impact.
  11. Source Separation of Domestic Waste
  12. In response to the "Source Separation of Waste" programme launched by the Environmental Protection Department, Goodwell has launched a waste rebate programme in most of the properties it manages. Residents can get household items as a return for the recyclables they contribute. By that, they are encouraged to separate the waste source for recycling. This year, a plenty of properties under Goodwell’s management have received a number of awards, including Gold Award, Bronze Award, Award for Promotion and Award for Lowest Waste Disposal Quantity, in the Competition on Source Separation of Waste organized by the Environmental Protection Department.
  13. Environmental Programmes
  14. To further promote the message of environmental protection to owners and tenants, Goodwell has organized various environmental programmes with some environmental protection organizations such as Friends of the Earth, St James’ Settlement and World Vision. The activities include used clothes recycling programme, used electrical appliances recycling and reuse programme, old books collection programmes in the properties it manages.