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A day of “Foodwise‧Love‧Sharing”: Nurturing a mindful eating culture for a sustainable environment


A day of “Foodwise‧Love‧Sharing”: Nurturing a mindful eating culture for a sustainable environment

Group photo with around 200 residents from Goodwell managed propertiesParticipants learned the food wise concept through the farming experience day.

Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell) believed that we all played a vital part in reducing the food waste starting from transforming the usual practice in our daily life. To promote the concept of food waste reduction at source, Goodwell has the pleasure to launch a charitable farming experience day “FoodwiseLoveSharing” for its first time together with the Foodlink Foundation*, sponsoring around 200 occupants under Goodwell properties for an interactive and meaningful day in New Life Farm in dedication of World Food Day on 16 October, 2016.


This customized eco-tour was aimed to convey the message of food conservation and sharing through a wide variety of fun-packed interactive activities to the occupants, such as organic farming experience and cookery workshop, etc. Project officer of the Foodlink Foundation was also invited to deliver remarks regarding to the problems of food wastage indirectly caused by the uneven food distribution. To make this event a more meaningful one, all raised funds will be fully donated to the Foodlink Foundation for charity purpose.


To contribute the food waste reduction for the community, Goodwell have implemented various waste reduction efforts from our managed properties. For example, Sceneway Garden, located in Lam Tin, has turned the domestic kitchen waste into fertilizers through the good use of food decomposer. Laguna Verde, a large residential estate in Hunghom, has dedicated a “Green Garden” for the resident to undergo organic farming within the property. Meanwhile, the management team of the Prosperity Place in Kwan Tong has created a micro-ecosystem which transformed the animal waste into organic fertilizer for irrigation, and coordinated Weekend Market with the NGOs to promote the notion of green living. This year, Goodwell introduced the “FoodwiseLoveSharing” farming experience day with a participation of 200 occupants, which makes it the industry pioneer to organize an food wise event in hopes of bringing a behavioral changes and achieving “small change, big impact”.


About Foodlink Foundation*

Founded in 2001, Foodlink Foundation advocates on food wastage reduction by connecting over 100 F&B outlets and delivering safe-to-eat surplus to those in need. For more information, please visit www.foodlinkfoundation.org .