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Family friendly, Win-win situation for all Goodwell attained the “Family Friendly Employers 2015 / 16” Award with its managed properties


Family friendly, Win-win situation for all Goodwell attained the “Family Friendly Employers 2015 / 16” Award with its managed properties

Group photo of Goodwell management team and the representatives of awarded properties

In order to achieve excellent service management, Goodwell Property Management Limited believed in the importance of caring culture to employees as the employer will certainly be benefited if their staffs are happy with their work in long run.  By introducing family-friendly employment practices, employers can help employees balance the responsibilities of their work and families and succeed a good people management with high productivity. This year, Goodwell and its managed properties celebrated its achievement and attained 5 awards in2015/16 Family Friendly Employers Award Scheme” presented by the Family Council and Home Affairs Bureau in recognition of its substantial efforts of diversified family-friendly practice.


Goodwell adopted multi-pronged approach in cultivating an employee-oriented and family-friendly culture which value both work and family. Family-friendly employment practices, such as flexible work arrangement, can help address those employees’ needs to take care of their families so that they can fulfil their family responsibilities and work duties at the same time. Moreover, granting special leaves such as marriage leave, compassionate leave and festive special leave, together with the supportive arrangement to new mums like providing an appropriate environment for continuing breastfeeding to their baby, have also been implemented and gained popularity among our employees. Meanwhile, the “Goodwell Volunteer Team” had been established and continuously mobilized both our staff and their family members to take part in various charity services, which exalted the caring spirit and reached a win-win situation to our employees, corporate image and society as a whole.


Launched in 2011, the biennial Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme recognizes employers who attach importance to the family-friendly spirit, encourages them to continue to put in place measures to raise employers' awareness of the importance of family core values, and aims to foster a pro-family culture and environment.