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Goodwell Attains Silver Award in CLP GREENPLUS Award 2017


Goodwell Attains Silver Award in CLP GREENPLUS Award 2017

Group photo of representatives of Jubilee Garden in CLP GREENPLUS Award 2017.


Nowadays, more and more properties in Hong Kong have tried to adopt energy saving solutions in daily operation with the aims to save the overall operational cost and improve work efficiency. To promote a smarter use of energy, Jubilee Garden, one of the managed properties of Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell), has implemented a series of innovative projects in its green management, and received a Silver Award (Property Management – Residential) in CLP GREENPLUS Award 2017 in recognition of its remarkable performance.


Under its total energy saving scheme, Jubilee Garden has succeeded in equipping energy saving water pumps and LED light tubes to achieve better operational and energy efficiency. In addition, a solar sprinkler was created to enhance the productivity of greening work in the estate. An environmental management team was also set up for reviewing current environmental policies, evaluating green campaigns and introducing innovative energy saving solutions. These initiatives have succeeded in promoting the green concept to the occupants and business partners, and reduced the overall energy consumption rate by over 10% during the year.


To promote energy efficiency in the business sector, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited has launchedthe GREENPLUS Award programme and honoured those organisations that had made efforts in environmental preservation and implemented innovative energy saving solutions. This year, the CLP GREENPLUS Award received over 7,000 applications and recognized those winners who adopted industry best practice in managing power consumption.