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Goodwell Presents “Best Security Awards” to Recognize Outstanding Security Personnel


Goodwell Presents “Best Security Awards” to Recognize Outstanding Security Personnel


Security personnel play an important role to safeguard the lives and properties for the residents. To further recognize outstanding performance of the security team, Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell) conducted the “Best Security Awards” for the second consecutive years. This year, a total of 30 awards were given to frontline staff, among which two staff were presented with “Best Security Guard Award” and 28 staff with “Outstanding Security Guard Award”.

Mr. Cheung, one of the winners of “Best Security Award” stationing at Fortune City One in Shatin, was awarded in recognition of his excellent professional expertise and competency in preventing a potential suicide case. “The incident took place at the podium and an old lady was found intending to commit suicide while I was conducting the routine patrol with another colleague.” Mr. Cheung recalled, “While we tried to contact other colleagues and the Police for further assistance, we kept talking with the old lady to distract her from committing suicide. Yet the old lady climbed over the fence to attempt suicide all of a sudden. We grabbed her immediately and brought her to a safe location.” Mr. Cheung then realized that the old lady was feeling extremely depressed due to her prolonged suffering from diseases, and so he tried to be more empathetic and comforted the old lady during their conversation. “I was actually more than happy to prevent a tragic incident from happening, indeed!” Mr. Cheung expressed his work satisfaction in saving life.

Mr. Gurung Dil Bahadur, another winner of “Best Security Award” stationing at Laguna Verde in Hung Hom, believed that being alert at all times is the key to success in his career life. He shared his story which happened last year, “While I was conducting my routine patrol as usual during midnight, I noticed that a man was sitting on the railing nearby the taxi station. To ensure his safety, I returned to the spot after a few minutes but unfortunately I saw no one there, except a weak breathe was heard.” Afterwards, Mr. Bahadur found the man unconscious for an accidental fall from the railing to the planters underneath the taxi station. With Mr. Bahadur’s swift response in emergency situation, the man was finally saved, and this heroic lifesaver has also attained the Outstanding Security Guard Award in the “Kowloon West Best Security Services Awards 2017”.

In the first half of 2018, Goodwell has already won over 50 awards in major industry security competitions. Mr. Wesley Sze, the General Manager of Goodwell, was pleased that the effort of Goodwell staff was highly-recognized, “We always strive for service excellence and empower our security team with various training programmes and value-added workshops. To further enhance the team spirit and promote the culture of service appreciation, Goodwell initiated ‘Best Security Awards’ with an aim of delivering more positive message to our frontline staff, as well as boosting the overall morale and service level in the future.”