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Goodwell attains Energy Saving Awards in CLP Smart Energy Award 2018


Goodwell attains Energy Saving Awards in CLP Smart Energy Award 2018

Group photo of representatives of Ma On Shan Plaza and
Jubilee Garden in CLP Smart Energy Award 2018


Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell) is dedicated to promoting energy saving measures in its managed properties to save operational cost and enhance quality living environment for our residents. Standing out from over 240 entries, Ma On Shan Plaza and Jubilee Garden, two managed properties of Goodwell, were honored to receive Energy Saving Outstanding Award and Energy Saving Achievement Award respectively in Smart Energy Award (SEA) 2018 presented by CLP in recognition of their remarkable performance in energy saving.

The commercial and industrial sector accounts for almost 70% of total power consumption in Hong Kong. By pooling efforts in enhancing hardware in energy management and adopting innovative solutions, better energy efficiency is achieved. In view of the high energy consumption of the lighting and air-conditioning system, Ma On Shan Plaza, one of the awardees of the Energy Saving Outstanding Award 2018, showed great ingenuity and determination in their energy saving efforts by series of hardware enhancement, including installation of energy-efficient central air-conditioning system, usage of LED lights and imitative incandescent light bulbs at carousel, in achieving a tremendous reduction of energy consumption. Besides, the management team further applied heat-proof mat on the glass canopy to reduce overall temperature of the shopping mall. With all the above initiatives, approximately HKD550,000 could be saved per year. The outstanding performance was highly recognized and Ma On Shan Plaza becomes a role model for practitioners in the industry.

Jubilee Garden has been maintaining keen cooperation with CLP. To further achieve ultimate energy efficiency, the management team applies green procurement policy and forms a green task force to implement energy saving plans as well as to monitor the progress of energy saving initiatives. As a result, Jubilee Garden becomes a green property in the vicinity, benefiting to residents and the community in the long term.

Organised by the CLP, SEA 2018 award presentation ceremony was held on 18 October, aiming at recognising leadership from respective trades and companies in the shift toward a smarter and greener energy environment.