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Goodwell executed quality green management practices and attained numerous recognitions


Goodwell executed quality green management practices and attained numerous recognitions

Guided eco-tour was organized for kindergartens that children underwent a farming experience at Goodwell’s managed properties. Goodwell implemented green gardening program and energy saving measures such as automatic irrigation system for achieving sustainable environmental management.


Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell) endeavored to adopt various sustainable ecofriendly measures through proactive participation in waste reduction and recycling activities. By adopting efficient green management practices, Goodwell was honored to receive numerous green recognitions in the first quarter of 2019, in recognition of its remarkable performance in environmental management.

Goodwell is committed to promoting green festival. By continuous collaboration with Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association (HKEPA) in the Tree Conservation Scheme (Scheme) to recycle the Christmas trees and Chinese New Year plants after the festivals, the yard waste was reprocessed into organic fertilizers afterwards. This year, Goodwell and 21 of its managed properties reduced 13,900 kilograms of carbon emission under the Scheme and received certificates from HKEPA for the sixth consecutive years, as well as attaining the certificates of “Natural Christmas Tree Recycling Service 2018” and “Peach Blossom Trees Recycling Programme 2019” issued by the Environmental Protection Department, in appreciation of their outstanding performance in advocating waste reduction.

An environmental and tree management committee was set up for formulating environmental policies, initiating green campaigns, introducing ecofriendly measures in daily operations, as well as promoting the concept of green living to occupants with the green notion of "Use Less, Waste Less". This year, Goodwell was honored to receive 3 Hong Kong Green Organisation Certifications presented by the Environmental Campaign Committee, in recognition of its commitment of fulfilling social responsibility of environmental protection. Goodwell also attained 3 nos. of “Environment, Social & Governance Awards” in the HSBC Living Business Awards. The result has further proven Goodwell’s efforts in achieving environmental sustainability.

Mr. Wesley Sze, General Manager of Goodwell, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the team’s effort, “With our keen emphasis on environmental sustainability, we will continue to promote the green culture in the community, aiming at turning the green notion into practice.”