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Goodwell attained over 40 security awards in recognition of its professional security management


Goodwell attained over 40 security awards in recognition of its professional security management


With its experienced and professional management for years, Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell) always strives for service excellence so as to uphold the security level to its highest to create a safe and quality living environment for its occupants. With a record high increase for more than 50% over 2017, Goodwell successfully attained a total of 47 awards in the “Kowloon West Best Security Services Awards 2018”, including 18 nos. of security personnel award and 9 nos. of grand award “Honorable Managed Property”. The grand award is given to the properties that have obtained “Outstanding Managed Property” award and “Star Managed Property” award for nine consecutive years. The outstanding result has further proven the company’s effort in providing top level of security services for its managed properties.

Goodwell applies advanced security technology such as IOImage Motion Tracking Surveillance System and Intruder Alarm System for Doors & Windows. Besides, in order to uplift its service quality and enhance the professional know-how, all-rounded trainings are provided and “Security Management Committee” has been set up to furnish our security team with most-updated industry information. Ms Lam Chor Chu from Sky Tower, one of the winners of “Best Security Personnel Award”, was awarded in recognition of her professionalism and devotion to serving the residents that she succeeded in preventing a missing person case at the estate. Ms Lam helped an elderly lady in a cool weather, who was found loitering in the tower lobby alone and could not speak normally, to identify and contact her lost family members eventually. Ms Lam demonstrated remarkable performance and fulfilled the company’s mission of “providing services through proactive and caring spirit”.

To motivate the security service industry and enhance the standard of security and property management, the Crime Prevention Bureau and Regional Crime Prevention Offices organize the “Best Security Services Awards” every year. The award scheme also recognizes security personnel and property management companies for their outstanding performance in the industry.