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Goodwell received accolades in the “Property Management Week 2019 - Outstanding Practitioners Award”


Goodwell received accolades in the “Property Management Week 2019 - Outstanding Practitioners Award”

Photo of Goodwell award winners and Dr Lobo FUNG Kwok-hung (middle),
Chairman of the Preparation Committee of Property Management Week 2019.


Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell) believes that professionalism is an indispensable part of quality management services. Renown with its provision of professional staff trainings, Goodwell was delighted to receive a 2nd runner-up (managerial sector) and 2 merit awards (frontline sector) from the Property Management Week 2019 - Outstanding Practitioners Award in recognition of its remarkable performance in the industry.

Mr Bray Wong, the Senior Property Manager of Goodwell and the awardee of 2nd runner-up in managerial sector, shared his experience in managing his winning team. “The service scopes involved in property management nowadays are becoming more diversified in which personalized concierge service is expected. It is very important to be caring and proactive to fulfil the raising standard, and to strive to surpass occupants’ expectation when we provided management service to our occupants. ”

With the proposed reivison of the Property Management Service Ordinance and its licensing regime, the professional status of the property management sector is believed to be further elevated and reassured. Goodwell persistantly empowering the team and uplifting service quality through provision of all-rounded trainings such as customer services and emotional quotient management as well as offering learning subsidy to encourage the team to get equipped ahead by attaining professional qualifications. Mr Wesley Sze, General Manager of Goodwell, was deeply encouraged by the excellent performance achieved by the team, “We always strive for service excellence and we will further empower our team to provide a safe living and business environment for our occupants.”

Organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Property Managers, Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administrators and Hong Kong Mediation Centre, and other leading professional institutions, the “Property Management Week 2019 - Outstanding Practitioners Award” aims at further recognizing the top performers of property management from all levels for its dedication and contributions to the industry.