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Kid's go with Goodwell 2019 - Let’s Go Green For Better Future


Kid’s Go with Goodwell 2019
Let’s Go Green For Better Future

The kids were encouraged to make use of sustainable materials to create their own handmade cartoon decorations.The participants were having memorable moments by surrounding nature splendor and joining the fun-filled workshop during the day camp.


In order to foster a concern for the environment and get our young generations involved in environment protection, the “Kids Club” of Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell) again organized the annual flagship event, “Kid’s Go with Goodwell 2019”, with nearly 250 parents and kids from its managed properties to immerse in an fun-filling yet educational day camp at Tin Shui Wai Greenfield on 8 December 2019.

You’re sure to find something to keep the little ones with bundles of joy and content by surrounding nature splendor. Held at Tin Shui Wai Greenfield, it offered a multitude of exciting outdoor activities such as gardening in organic farmhouse with edible fungi, boating in lotus pond, and many more. The little ones also learnt to admire wildlife by visiting the petting zoo and cuddling up with the goats and bunnies, which helped them to associate the nature with interest and love. The participants were also mesmerized by exploring all sorts of recreational facilities such as grass skating, tank rides, etc. in their free time.

To instill the green message for the young and creative minds, Goodwell had especially dedicated two educational workshops, “DIY Kite-making” and “Environmental Toys-making” classes during the day camp. The kids were guided to make use of sustainable materials to create their own handmade kites and cartoon decorations, which helped cultivate the young generation to be more environmentally conscious. Fun adventure and quest awaited the little ones as they all thrilled with the kite flying time with their family in playground afterwards. At the end, the participants enjoyed the delicious barbecue food and the event concluded with an exciting lucky draw.

Established for more than 5 years since 2014, Kids Club aims to provide a platform for kids to unleash their potentials and learn through play. The number of members has already increased to more than 1300 kids over the years. In response to the overwhelming support from occupants, Kids Club arranges a flagship event every year to help the kids to ease their mind with fun-filled program and exploration. Mr. Wesley Sze, the General Manager of Goodwell, added that Goodwell will continue to serve our occupants and community, offering inspirational programs for young generations.